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If you’ve made it this far you’ve probably already made or looked at at least a dozen checklists. You’ve gone through the 5 stages of the Knot wedding checklist. Fear. Anger. Oh, No Way. Acceptance. And finally, Delegating. And so I don’t want to create more work for you, but I’ve got a checklist that’s often forgotten about: the must haves for getting ready on the big day.


I don’t mean bobby pins and hairspray. I imagine that you’ve been going about for weeks now with emergency items in your purse, in your car, in your pants pockets just in case. I mean fun stuff. When you and all your girls are hanging out, especially if you are getting ready at an unfamiliar place, like a hotel or someone else’s house, then you need to make sure you have some party supplies.



Hair and makeup and sitting around waiting can really make people hungry, so don’t forget to pack some snacks for the ladies. Cheese and crackers. Fruit. You don’t want to overdue it here, but remember, you need to eat. Not eating is not an option, so plan ahead and pack some snacks so that you aren’t eating junk or spending money on room service. Unless you’re all about in which case you need chocolate covered strawberries, stat.



Again, don’t overdue it here, but having a nice bottle of wine or champagne can help everyone to relax and unwind. It’s also nice to have for a little toast or a few last words of encouragement, and it can be a great time to thank all your girls again for all of their help. Plus a glass of wine makes everyone feel pampered and that’s exactly how it should be.



This is important and usually overlooked, but it’s great to have getting ready music. Remember those college days? It’s the same kind of thing. You need a little party atmosphere before the party. Again, this has less to do with going wild, and more to do with keeping everyone, as in you, calm and in a good mood.

Here’s A Start:


Wreckin’ Bar – The Vaccines

Oh No – Marianna and the Diamonds

Adorn – Miguel

Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

Va Va Voom – Niki Minaj

Shower – Becky G

Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

Whatever You Like – TI

Don’t Stop – Fleetwood Mac

Flo Rida – Feel Good

Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind

Rhythm is a Dancer – Generation 90


Food. Wine. Music. That’s a recipe for the perfect start to a perfect day. Well done and cheers!