Posted by on Dec 15, 2011 in Blog

Last year all the girls – the lovely ladies who work at our salon – decided to get together the Sunday after Thanksgiving and have our version Thanksgiving. It was enjoyed so much we decided to make it an annual event. We even gave it a special name, Friendsgiving.

This year’s Friendsgiving was eagerly awaited. The menu on the Break Room door rivaled that of many banquets. Excitement reached a fever pitch when we decided to have the “Ugliest Holiday Sweater Contest.” Well, that event is a story for another day.

Our salon has been honored this year, as in years past, with many great accolades and awards. Sitting quietly with Allen observing the girls laughing, dancing, embracing one another, and sharing family moments was equally and deeply rewarding. We have been blessed for many years with outstanding staff members, and each time we feel we could not hope for better, along came another fabulous individual to the family.

Moments like this truly make life worth living. That is what we do every day, help to make joyous memories for everyone we are privileged to meet. While all the pomp and circumstance in planning such a wonderful event as a wedding takes an exciting life of its own, it will always be those quiet stolen moments when one looks around to see those they deeply care about sharing and creating beautiful life long memories.

Here is our personal wish for a Happy Holiday Season and encouraging all to have their very own Friendsgiving any time of the year!