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I’ve written before about registry that you will actually use like cutting boards and a really nice sauté pan, but today, since it’s a Monday, let’s just talk about fun registry items. While I think that it is important to register for items that will truly help you as you start to make your home, I also think that it is important that you tailor your list to your lifestyle. That means that it’s ok to make a list that is not like everyone else’s. That means you don’t have to register for China and champagne flutes if that’s not really who you are. Try some of these fun ideas instead.




Board Games

Sometimes a night in can be just as much fun as a night out, and a great way to guarantee that is to have a stockpile of great board games. You can spend a chilly winter night drinking coffee and playing Scrabble with just your spouse or you can spend a summer night with a bunch of friends trying to complete to get all six slices of pie in Trivial Pursuit.





What could be more fun? Not much. Now, of course people will probably give you wine and champagne over the course of your engagement and all your various wedding celebrations, but you can’t really have, too much of it, can you? Plus, there is something about having wine on hand for any occasion that makes you feel as though you’ve arrived. If you want to sit on the patio and share a bottle of wine on a Monday night, you can. If a new neighbor moves in you can pluck a bottle from your stash and welcome them in a heartbeat.



Whether it’s a good old-fashioned magazine subscription or a Netflix subscription you can be sure to get lots of entertainment out of it. Subscriptions like these are both practical and fun and they give you something to look forward to even long after the celebrating is over.



A Picnic Basket

Not just a collapsible lunch box or a cooler full of ice, but an actual picnic basket complete with plates and cups and red-checkered cloth napkins. You might think, but I don’t really go on picnics. You will if you have a basket, trust me. You’ll get to feel like classic romantic newlyweds venturing off to parks with your pasta salad, bottle of wine and Bocce ball set. Aww.