Posted by on Mar 28, 2014 in Blog

Welcome to First Dance Fridays where we will try to provide you with one new first dance option each week. Our goal is to provide you with unexpected new options, or to make a case for the classics that seem at times overplayed. So let’s start things off with a newer less-expected song.

Best Day of My Life – American Authors

This is not the necessarily the song for a black tie wedding in a historic marble ballroom, but it is the song for the couple that wants to have fun. And that’s what a first dance should be above all else. Fun. It isn’t a romantic slow dance song, but American Authors offer the newlyweds the chance to revel, to celebrate, to show not just the depth of their love, but also the sheer joy of it. It doesn’t matter if they can or can’t dance. It doesn’t matter if they look coordinated or off-beat.  A first dance like this says that love can’t be contained, and you just gotta dance. So if you just want to dance and have fun and have the best day of your life, give this one a try.