Posted by on Jul 11, 2014 in Blog

So I’ve missed a few of these First Dance Friday Songs, you know how things get away from you sometimes, but I’m bringing it back with a classic song selection that is a favorite around these parts. L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole.

Who can resist a little Nat King Cole? Nobody. It’s light and airy and romantic and classic without being boring. It’s an expected kind of wedding song, but in the best kind of way; it’s like coming home. Cole’s rich, velvety voice puts everyone in a good mood instantly. And oh boy, when that trumpet kicks in, forget about it, you’re up in the clouds. His voice will make you dance better. Never before or ever again will you be so light on your feet.

And to make sure of that, this is the kind of song you practice for. This is the song you and your partner take lessons for. This is the song that you dance to using the whole floor. You whirl and twirl and move around the room effortlessly, and you wow the crowd because it’s just a wow kind of song. It’s a piece of cake with Cole there to help.



L-O-V-E Nat King Cole


Happy Dancing!