Posted by on Nov 4, 2016 in Blog

Whenever I am weary about the state of the world, or anxious about the balance of my bank account or that weird sound the car started making, or when I think I just don’t have any motivation left to do anything, I turn to my cure-all remedy. I dance it out. I can worry, or I can dance, and dancing is just so much better.


It seems like we could all use a little more dancing these days, and so I am finally returning with a first dance Friday suggestion. For this special occasion I have pulled out a favorite song of mine that most of you are probably not very familiar with. It’s called a “With a Girl Like You” by the Troggs. If you’ve never heard it then you have to give it a listen. The Troggs are probably most famous for “Wild Thing” which would be another cool and unusual choice, but first give this number a chance.


It’s catchy, it’s fun and the lyrics are all about asking a girl for a dance. Seems like a no brainer. ‘I want to spend my life with a girl like you.’ It’s a short song, which is a bonus if you’re nervous about being up there for a long time, and it’s a unique choice, too. I love a classic song, but you are an original couple, aren’t you? You want an original first dance. It has a great retro vibe, and you can easily bob around the floor for two minutes and not worry if your dance moves are perfect. The lyrics also lend themselves well to a little choreographed dance number if you and your spouse are up for it. For this I imagine a little sliding across the floor, a plea made on bended knees, and a quickly timed jumped that ends with a hand extended just as the singer asks ‘can I dance with you?’


Ruminate on this song for a moment and think about how you could best leverage the lyrics with your dance skills for an adorable outcome. I promise you can do something amazing with it, and I promise that it will make your first dance fun and memorable.