Posted by on Oct 16, 2015 in Blog

This week I offer you all a friendly reminder that when you are picking your first dance song you shouldn’t be afraid to go outside the box. Google has a tendency to generate the same lists of fifty or so songs that everyone uses for their wedding, and it can be hard to find alternatives. Now there is nothing wrong with those fifty songs. Those fifty songs are great. They’ve made their way onto lists because they are classic crowd favorites. Those are great things for a wedding, but for this week I chose something bubbly and silly and fun.


“You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson is less a song and more a ditty. It’s a simple duet driven by the sweet strumming of a ukulele. That gentle strumming seems just made for the swishing of a wedding gown across the floor; the two go hand in hand. The lyrics are a little tongue and cheek and pair nicely with the gentle lilt of the song. “Let’s get rich and buy our parent’s homes in the South of France.”


Oh, but then things pick up a bit and the ukulele strumming is drowned out by clapping. Isn’t that perfect? It allows a little crowed participation and trust me that kind of thing can help people actually pay attention to the dance. Not that people don’t want to pay attention to the first dance, but two minutes in and let’s just get to the cake. So a dance that can engage the crowd a little will help to make the moment all the more memorable. There you are spinning your way across the dance floor as all your friends and family clap their hands, tap their toes and cheer you on. It’s like running a race of love and guess what?


You won.