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Natalie and Justin’s Wedding Recap

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Last Saturday was a perfect reminder that brides can plan everything but the weather. Our feature bride Natalie was all set for an outdoor ceremony in the exact spot where her now husband asked her to marry him, but the rain said otherwise. Instead the ceremony was held inside the reception tent as guests were seated at their lavishly decorated tables.

It was obviously not the ceremony the two had envisioned, but it swept guests away. The softly falling rain, the big rolling grey clouds, the shelter of the tent and the twinkling lights offered all the romance necessary. The photos tell a story of an intimate, tender wedding, as the weather kept everyone huddled close.

Natalie herself was whisked into the tent in the arms of her brother-in-law to prevent her gorgeous Pronovias gown from getting wet in the rain, and the rings were delivered on the wings of a falcon. Swoon. Such a fairytale brought to life made all the more romantic because it was true to life, true to form, and with all the beautiful little surprises real life offers.

The couple did more than make the best of the rain; they embraced it and used it to their advantage. I am so thrilled to share their photos and their story and wish them all the best. Below are so more wedding details as well as a link to all of their truly stunning photos. Rain or shine what a perfect day!


Gown: Pronovias

Wedding Attendants: Donna Morgan

Venue: Hedgerow Farm

Photographer: Dyanna Joy Photography

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