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It’s December first and the season of giving is upon us. While it can be stressful to hunt for the perfect gift for everyone on your list, it can also be a lot of fun. I have some tough customers to buy for, like my mother, who never needs anything, but that just means I have to get creative. I think the same goes for your bridal party, and that’s why I’ve jotted down a few gift buying tips that will take beyond monogrammed flasks.




Skip the Date

Your wedding date is really important. To you. Even the people who are a big part of your day, like your bridal party, really don’t need a gift with your wedding date on it to commemorate the occasion. Instead, go for gift that will remind them of the day or of your friendship. Subtle symbolism is the key.


Keep it Individual

Giving the same gift to everyone appeals to logic and equality and it’s also easier, but it’s just not as much fun. You love these people because they are unique individuals, not because they would all carry the same bag or wear the same tie. I promise that whatever the gift is, if it’s tailored to each person they will truly appreciate it. They’ll get to feel special all over again.


Get Sentimental

This is a time for reflection. These special people are a part of your day for big reasons, and now is the perfect time to think about your history together. Do you share any inside jokes? Is there something significant about how your first met? Is there an activity you always do together you could build a gift around? This is where the thought really counts, and it may take some serious brainstorming, but I know you can think of something that will make at least your maids go ‘awwww.’


Be Useful

This is the exception to some of these tips, but if you are requiring specific items other than the dress or tux from your party, it might be nice to gift them. For example, if you want all your girls to wear the same earrings, make them a gift. It puts you totally in control of your wedding vision, but in a sweet way rather than a bossy way. Instead of you must buy and wear these earrings, it becomes look at these cute earrings I got for you to wear.


As usual, none of these tips are absolute and you should always do what suits your personality and your budget, but if you need a place to start, I hope this helped.


Happy Giving