Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in Blog

I am all about the DIY wedding route. It doesn’t necessarily save you time or stress, but it can save you money and truly it can be a fun break from some of the other more practical aspects of planning a wedding. The problem with it is that it often takes a great deal of patience and artistic ability. If you aren’t a Martha Stewart type then the world of wedding DIY can seem beyond your reach. Have no fear. I’ve found a simple project courtesy of a very lovely DIY blog Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Watermelon Tray Tutorial


I wanted to share this project because it looks relatively easy, but the result is fun and bright and will wow your guests. Imagine a summer dessert table populated with these beauties. You could get fancy and prop them up on cake stands for a truly stunning view. You could even paint them in shades of pink to create a perfect ombre look. You could use them as signage announcing the way to diner or drinks. You could paint your names and the date on them. Endless possibilities.

What I love most is that it serves as a perfect reminder that there is inspiration everywhere, and that when it comes to putting your own personal stamp on your wedding, you can accomplish a lot with just a few shades of paint. What’s more at the end of it all you will be able to casually tell guests, “Oh, yes, I made that.”