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From the Newlywed Corner

Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 in Blog

The piece of wedding advice I have for you today is probably as trivial as it gets. It won’t help you wrangle your guests into sending in their RSVP. It won’t help you stick to your budget or manage your stress level as the big day approaches. No, it won’t do any of that, but it is, if I may say so, the best advice anyone will ever give you.   That’s a pretty big proposition, but I can back it up. It’s very very simple. When I was a freshmen in college preparing for a three month study abroad in Italy my roommate told me the best thing I could do to prepare was go out and buy a new bottle of perfume of a scent I didn’t have and take it with me. Ok, sure, scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, why not give it a try. So I went out and bought a brand new bottle of perfume and took it to Italy with me. That was many years ago, and yet every time I smell that perfume I am right back there at the ruins of the Coliseum, on the train to Naples. I am right there staring up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It worked like a charm.   So for my wedding day I picked out a brand new bottle of perfume for myself and a bottle of cologne for my husband. I think, truly, if I had to choose between our photographer and the bottle of perfume, I might honestly say the perfume. Easy for me to say since I don’t actually have to decide, but the point is the power the perfume has to put me right back into that moment is nothing short of magic.   And so I advise you. I implore you. I beg you to make time in your wedding planning checklist to buy yourself a new scent of perfume for your wedding day. Then if you want to stockpile a bottle or two to keep for posterity that’s up to you. I would see nothing wrong with that.  ...

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What’s New In Bridal

Posted by on Oct 13, 2014 in Blog

Trending Now For the past several days the best in the bridal business have gathered in New York City to watch as the latest bridal designs make their way down the runway. It is always an exciting time to watch as the new collections are unveiled and the biggest question on everyone’s mind is what will be the next big thing. Below are three of the biggest trends that have emerged for this season.   Just an Illusion Illusion, backs, illusion fronts, illusion sleeves. The illusion is all over the bridal world from brides to bridesmaids, and it is making for some rather daring and sexy gowns. We are seeing more plunging necklines using a little netting for coverage as well as some very low backs doing just the same.   A Place for Lace Some brides might be frustrated that the dominating fabric of the day is still lace, but this season we are seeing lace in still another way. Designers continue to update the old standard by layering different types of lace together to create rich texture, by using different colored laces to create depth, and by using intricate appliques on top of sheer netting to meld together modern and traditional.   Sleeves Are Back There is no denying that the biggest bridal trend this season is the reappearance of the sleeve. Whether it’s a cap sleeve, three-quarters or full length, sleeves are everywhere. It’s a trend that has slowly been making its way into the spotlight – we’ve been seeing more sleeve options in the last year or two – but in New York this week it really came roaring back. Just a few years ago brides were lucky if they could find a dress that had a strap never mind any kind of sleeve, and so this is a pleasant turn of events. This trend is especially wonderful for brides looking to capture a vintage feel because the presence of a sleeve already calls to mind another era. Have no fear though, these sleeves are still attached to dresses with plenty of modern drama, plunging necklines, knee high slits, and crystal beading to satisfy the...

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Throwback Thursday

Posted by on Oct 2, 2014 in Blog

Maybe it was because the film took place in a perfect house continually bathed in the warm glow of the late afternoon sun. Or maybe it was because of the curved banister that any kid would want to slide down. I can’t be sure, but as a young and impressionable child watching Father of the Bride (the Steve Martin remake, sorry Spencer Tracy) all the way back in 1991, I could practically feel my ideas about love, marriage, weddings and adulthood being formed. Or maybe that’s just hindsight, but either way I know it had a profound effect on me. That might sound silly, in fact, I’m sure it does, but hear me out because there are lessons to be learned. So for a special kind of Throwback Thursday I give you the important things that Father of the Bride has taught me.   There are Weddings at Home and then there Are Weddings at Home My parents had a casual backyard wedding when they got married and originally it is this kind of low-key wedding Steve Martin’s character envisions for his daughter. The end result, however, is much different and much more extravagant. What it really illustrates is a generational shift in wedding expectations. These days there are just so many more things that go into weddings than they did twenty or thirty years ago, and Father of the Bride very clearly foreshadowed that. Are all of the new details important? That’s up to you to decide.   Blenders Are Bad If you are not familiar with the plot, just days before the wedding the bride is given a blender by her groom. Big. Mistake. As a kid I didn’t catch any of the 1950’s wife in the home attitude the blender represented to the bride. I just honestly and earnestly thought it was rude to give a blender. The real lesson of course is not that blenders are bad, but that gift giving is about being thoughtful. And if you’re a fiancé in search of a wedding gift something that sparkles is probably better.     My Girl is the Best Song Ever The song is so...

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Feature Bride

Posted by on Oct 1, 2014 in Blog

Hey everybody, it’s October! That means it’s time for crisp cool weather, pumpkin flavored everything and our new feature bride of the month. I am so pleased to introduce you to Haley Vanladningham and her fiancé Danny Riemenschneider. They have been together since they met during their first semester at Arkansas State University back in 2006, and they are getting married this weekend at their church in Little Rock. They are a lovely couple with a sweet and romantic little proposal story to go right along with it that they have happily agreed to share. Danny came to see me in Louisiana where I was obtaining my masters degree. I got up early to study that morning, as I usually did before breakfast. Instead of sleeping in he got up too and offered to make breakfast. I was thrilled because that meant more study time for me. About a half an hour later he called me into the kitchen when breakfast was ready. As I turned the corner he greeted me as he always does with a hug and a kiss. This time was different, he followed by saying some sweet words, “I love you so much and I want to do this everyday for the rest of our lives.” He then got down on one knee in the kitchen, pulled out the most beautiful pear cut diamond ring, and asked me to marry him. I said yes of course and the rest is history!   Haley is also the younger sister of wedding and event planner Drew Vanlandingham who has worked with many of our brides. I was curious what it was like for Haley having her brother serve as her wedding planner. Drew has helped tremendously with the design, color scheme, and dynamic of the ceremony and reception. His expertise has influenced all aspects of the wedding, from the color of the bridesmaids dresses to the details on the food menu. Drew hasn’t been a brother through this experience. He told me from the beginning he would not be my brother through the planning process, he would treat me as though I was a client to ensure...

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Feature Bride

Posted by on Sep 26, 2014 in Blog

It’s hard to believe that we have already come to the end of September, and fall has officially begun. The summer is over, but not before our September bride Kim tied the knot at a beautiful beach themed wedding at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. The nuptials took place last Friday overlooking the beautiful bay. Kim was gorgeous in her Matthew Christopher gown Moet with its custom sweetheart neckline, and the groom and groomsmen were crisp and summery in their khaki suits. The hints of sand and ocean were present in all the tiny details of the day from the ties to the cake to the carefree attitude of all involved.     For most of the day the weather was cloudy and overcast, but as Kim walked down the aisle among so many longtime childhood friends, the sun peaked out from behind the heavy rolling clouds and shone down in dramatic fashion. I don’t mind saying that it seemed to shine just for her. Just look at the pictures and try to deny it.   The other undeniable factor was that it was a day full of joy. Sure, all weddings are joyous, but this one was especially so. Perhaps it was the presence of so many lifelong friends or perhaps it was a reflection of the couple itself, but the joy was palpable to all present. I hope it just grows and grows. Congratulations Kim and Cory.   Want to be a feature bride? We’d love it! Email me at  ...

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