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Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Blog

This week we again welcome another designer, Justin Alexander, to our salon. The gowns are part of a well-known collection of gowns that are very popular with brides because of their style, quality and price. The gowns also embrace modern aesthetics while staying true to classic looks and vintage inspiration.       The collection includes a lot of versatile looks which is apparent by looking at these two stock gowns. The first gown has rich embroidery that gives it an old world charm with a modern plunging neckline while the second gown is sculptural, sleek and sexy. It’s with the lace that these gowns clearly thrive. The lace patterns are intricate, layered and full of texture, and they are often paired with other fabrics to create a more modern look. It’s also worth noting the way that the embellishments are used with a light touch; the crystals and bead-work don’t overwhelm the gowns, but instead enhance them just enough.  ...

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Wedding Find of the Week

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Blog

I spend a lot of time looking through magazines and online galleries full of wedding photos. Sometimes these images are from real weddings and sometimes they are from wedding editorials. Either way the images are meant to inspire brides, but they can also overwhelm them. How are you going to find such perfect, charming, personal and trendy decorations for your own wedding? And more importantly, how are you going to fit those items into your budget? I know those worries well, but I also spend a considerable amount of time on the internet, and I’m here to help by bringing you my favorite wedding finds.   This time it’s the most adorable and appropriate drink ware you’ve ever seen.   I can’t get over these guys. They capture the spirit of the day so well and they also accomplish several wedding goals. For starters they will liven up your tables and add a personal touch that goes beyond regular ol’ wine and water glasses. They will act as a conversation piece and also encourage people to raise their glasses to the lovely couple. They will also make your photographs look just like those amazing magazine editorial shots. All you have to do is add a signature fun colored cocktail and a striped paper straw and voila, cover shot. Lastly, they’ll make a great favor for your guests that they will actually want to use. They say fun and wedding and celebration without saying Steve and Sue Forever with a date and a heart.   It’s this double duty of both decoration and favor that helps make the per-person price easier to stomach. To cut down on cost you could also consider just using them at the bar for cocktails. This way they would still pop up in pictures, still look great on the table and guests could still be invited to take their glass home.   Either way everyone will be taken by your charming glasses and add them to the long list of reasons why your wedding was the best one they’ve ever been to.  ...

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Four Fun Registry Ideas

Posted by on Jun 22, 2015 in Blog

I’ve written before about registry that you will actually use like cutting boards and a really nice sauté pan, but today, since it’s a Monday, let’s just talk about fun registry items. While I think that it is important to register for items that will truly help you as you start to make your home, I also think that it is important that you tailor your list to your lifestyle. That means that it’s ok to make a list that is not like everyone else’s. That means you don’t have to register for China and champagne flutes if that’s not really who you are. Try some of these fun ideas instead.     Board Games Sometimes a night in can be just as much fun as a night out, and a great way to guarantee that is to have a stockpile of great board games. You can spend a chilly winter night drinking coffee and playing Scrabble with just your spouse or you can spend a summer night with a bunch of friends trying to complete to get all six slices of pie in Trivial Pursuit.     Wine What could be more fun? Not much. Now, of course people will probably give you wine and champagne over the course of your engagement and all your various wedding celebrations, but you can’t really have, too much of it, can you? Plus, there is something about having wine on hand for any occasion that makes you feel as though you’ve arrived. If you want to sit on the patio and share a bottle of wine on a Monday night, you can. If a new neighbor moves in you can pluck a bottle from your stash and welcome them in a heartbeat.   Subscriptions Whether it’s a good old-fashioned magazine subscription or a Netflix subscription you can be sure to get lots of entertainment out of it. Subscriptions like these are both practical and fun and they give you something to look forward to even long after the celebrating is over.   A Picnic Basket Not just a collapsible lunch box or a cooler full of ice, but an actual picnic...

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A Pink and Gold Wedding

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Blog

  I’ve been in a real pink and gold mood lately and the internet seems to have taken notice. Everywhere I look I see combinations of pinks and golds and everything looks so sweet and delicate that it seems made for a wedding. This serves as a great reminder to not over-think your color palette; take advantage of what you see reoccurring around you. Why drive yourself crazy by picking obscure shades that are hard to match when you could be using something classic and popular. You are always going to be able to find plenty of decorations and accessories in pink and gold and trust me, when you’re working hard to plan a wedding you could do with a little ease and convenience.   For example, it is never going to be hard to find gold shoes and gold shoes will go with any bridal gown whether it’s ivory, white or oatmeal. It’s also never going to be hard to find gold candle holders, placemats or jewelry. This also makes it easier for your wedding party to find the accessories and decor that you need and no one has to get a headache over it.  ...

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Look Who’s Here

Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 in Blog

The latest craze in bridesmaids is definitely the sequined evening gown. It turns out beading, jewels, sequins and rhinestones aren’t just for brides anymore and the bridal world has really started to take notice. Gone are the days when brides tried to pick intentionally tacky dresses for their girls. Now it seems very important to not only make sure everyone is happy and comfortable, but also that they look (almost) as amazing as the bride. That makes sense, right? If these women are your closest friends and family members then naturally you want to make sure they shine, too.     These new gowns from Sorella Vita by Essense of Australia will certainly make sure of that. They come in a variety of styles and several great metallic shades. They are dressy enough for a New Year’s Eve wedding or a great DC hotel ballroom, but also romantic and wistful enough for a fairytale garden party wedding. And if you and your maids are worried about versatility, these are gowns that can actually be worn again. Seriously. That’s because they are more evening gown than bridesmaid gown and that’s a big step forward in bridal.   It’s another reminder that when it comes to dressing your maids there are no rules and there is plenty of room for personal style, both theirs and yours....

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