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Wedding Find of the Week

Posted by on Jul 6, 2015 in Blog

This week I found the perfect item to liven up your refreshments table. This drink dispenser is a beautiful shade of teal that is sure to go with lots of wedding colors and the vintage pseudo Mason jar look makes it perfect for any number of wedding vibes. Are you having a laid back outdoor sort of picnic reception? Then this is for you. Are you having a rustic barn reception? Also, for you. Or what about a vintage themed wedding with an Underwood Typewriter holding your guestbook? Then you guessed it, this works for you, too.     This versatility comes from the fact that it is simply a really nice looking drink fixture. It begs to be photographed. Can’t you just see it sitting on a checkered tablecloth with the late afternoon sun catching it? Can’t you just see the fresh lemon slices bobbing around inside it making your lemonade look like the best lemonade ever made? It would also look amazing surrounded by brightly colored cake stands holding all sorts of sweets while a nicely draped banner hangs above it advertising eats and drinks. This one drink dispenser (at a great price) can help bring together your refreshments table in one easy swoop. With it in tow you’re just a few hand-painted cake stands and some paper flowers away from Martha Stewart-level decorating.   But this dispenser is not just beautiful, it’s practical. It provides a great way to make a signature drink for your guests. Maybe you choose lemonade or maybe you choose sangria or mint juleps, but either way you’ve got the perfect dispenser to both display it and dish it out. Guests will appreciate being able to serve themselves without waiting in a long line for individually made drinks, and it might even help avoid that initial bar line back up clear onto the dance floor.  ...

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Rubber Stamps & You

Posted by on Jul 2, 2015 in Blog

  I was very much a DIY bride; I made just about everything short of the wedding cake because I enjoyed doing it, but DIY is not for everyone. It’s extremely time-consuming for one thing, and if you aren’t a crafty type of person it can be really frustrating. You just want to get married, right? You don’t want to learn how to make origami paper flowers in seventeen steps. You don’t want to have to operate a band saw and power tools to make your own custom wedding marquee, do you? It’s a nice thought, but it isn’t very practical, and it won’t save you any stress or much money.   But you know what will? Rubber stamps. I swear by the use of rubber stamps for weddings and plain old everyday life. You can add a personal touch in a second with a little rubber stamp. Think about it; you can make personalized table numbers, place cards, menus, programs and signage with just a couple of rubber stamps and some nice looking paper. The opportunities are limitless and the skill level is pretty minimal; even an uneven or half-stamped stamp has a certain handmade charm.   And rubber stamps are everywhere. You can find some pretty useful ones that say things like “Thank You” and “Happily Ever After” in the dollar bin at Michael’s, or you can find some fun and funky ones for less than ten dollars at the Paper Source. You can even get a little fancy and go on Etsy and order custom rubber stamps from some truly gifted artists. Whichever way you do it you will be able to make your wedding your own, and you will have the pride and satisfaction of actually making something without all the headache.   In the weeks before my wedding I was wracking my brain for a clever escort card idea. I really wanted to be cute and clever. I was feeling a lot of pressure from the internet to give everyone a miniature potted plant, but then I found a Converse shoe stamp and I didn’t feel the pressure to be cute and clever. I...

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Happy July

Posted by on Jul 1, 2015 in Blog

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already made it to July. The season of hot dogs, barbecues, block parties and fireworks is upon us, and summer’s pinnacle holiday is right around the corner. In observance of the Fourth of July our salon will be closed, but we’re pretty sure you will all be out eating hotdogs, and attending too many barbecues and block parties to notice.     You might even be going to the ultimate Fourth of July party, a wedding, in which case I hope the happy couple have taken full advantage of all the wonderful things about the Fourth that are at their disposal. For example, if I were having a wedding this weekend I’d start out by hiring a few founding father impersonators. It sounds cheesy, but guests would get a big kick out of it and imagine the photos; don’t you want to see George Washington break it down on the dance floor?   Next I would probably evoke the holiday in more of a Norman Rockwell way than an American flag way. That is to say I would not rely solely on red and white blue to create a theme, but instead use classic Americana. Vintage glass Coke bottles and old wooden Coke crates would be a major part of the design and of course there would be no cake, only apple pie. But it’s really the dinner that would be the best part: barbecue chicken, corn on the cob and naturally, mac and cheese. The evening would end with sparklers, rocket pops and a killer fireworks display visible from the floor-to-ceiling windows of this imaginary venue because of course, if you are getting married on the Fourth, you better get a place with a good view.   But no matter where you are I hope you are with good people and good food and that you use your Baltimore rooftop decks responsibly : )  ...

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Look Who’s Here

Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Blog

This week we again welcome another designer, Justin Alexander, to our salon. The gowns are part of a well-known collection of gowns that are very popular with brides because of their style, quality and price. The gowns also embrace modern aesthetics while staying true to classic looks and vintage inspiration.       The collection includes a lot of versatile looks which is apparent by looking at these two stock gowns. The first gown has rich embroidery that gives it an old world charm with a modern plunging neckline while the second gown is sculptural, sleek and sexy. It’s with the lace that these gowns clearly thrive. The lace patterns are intricate, layered and full of texture, and they are often paired with other fabrics to create a more modern look. It’s also worth noting the way that the embellishments are used with a light touch; the crystals and bead-work don’t overwhelm the gowns, but instead enhance them just enough.  ...

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Wedding Find of the Week

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Blog

I spend a lot of time looking through magazines and online galleries full of wedding photos. Sometimes these images are from real weddings and sometimes they are from wedding editorials. Either way the images are meant to inspire brides, but they can also overwhelm them. How are you going to find such perfect, charming, personal and trendy decorations for your own wedding? And more importantly, how are you going to fit those items into your budget? I know those worries well, but I also spend a considerable amount of time on the internet, and I’m here to help by bringing you my favorite wedding finds.   This time it’s the most adorable and appropriate drink ware you’ve ever seen.   I can’t get over these guys. They capture the spirit of the day so well and they also accomplish several wedding goals. For starters they will liven up your tables and add a personal touch that goes beyond regular ol’ wine and water glasses. They will act as a conversation piece and also encourage people to raise their glasses to the lovely couple. They will also make your photographs look just like those amazing magazine editorial shots. All you have to do is add a signature fun colored cocktail and a striped paper straw and voila, cover shot. Lastly, they’ll make a great favor for your guests that they will actually want to use. They say fun and wedding and celebration without saying Steve and Sue Forever with a date and a heart.   It’s this double duty of both decoration and favor that helps make the per-person price easier to stomach. To cut down on cost you could also consider just using them at the bar for cocktails. This way they would still pop up in pictures, still look great on the table and guests could still be invited to take their glass home.   Either way everyone will be taken by your charming glasses and add them to the long list of reasons why your wedding was the best one they’ve ever been to.  ...

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