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Trending For Fall

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in Blog

Unsurprisingly, as the temperatures drop and low rolling grey clouds seem perpetually moving overhead, the forecast, and the trendsetters, call for plaid. Autumn and plaid have always been best friends, but this year they are poised to take things to the next level; they’re in love, and it’s hard not to fall in love right along with them.     Plaids are warm, cozy, friendly and inviting, which makes this new fall trend perfect for fall weddings. You can incorporate everything from plaid place settings and escort cards to plaid ties on all the groomsmen. You can create a textured, rustic look by using several different plaids in the same color scheme. You can dress it up or dress it down; black tie or barnyard are both appropriate. If you’re taking outdoor photos you’ve simply go to get yourself a good plaid blanket to snuggle up for some adorable shots.   What I think is especially great about this plaid trend is that it allows you to evoke fall in a less overt way. I’m all for pumpkins and leaves as I’ve said before, but this is a nice autumn option for those who don’t want a pumpkin on every table. In this way plaid is more a feeling than a symbol. Plaids can help to set the autumn tone and lucky for you, you can find them everywhere this year.  ...

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Make Your Reception Tables Pop

Posted by on Sep 24, 2015 in Blog

There is a new trend in wedding reception décor that has quietly been making everything from ballrooms to barns more personalized and more impressive: the table runner.     Most caterers or wedding venues will provide plain, usually white tablecloths for the reception, which are fine, but they have more substance than style. Of course to rent of buy your own tablecloths is a big expense and not exactly necessary. That is why the table runner is such a nice middle ground. You can show a little style without breaking the bank.   What is really exciting about them (because I am excited) is that there are a million ways you can make table runners. They can be made from fabric or paper or flowers or burlap or wood or you name it. You can head over to Pinterest and get really complicated or you can keep it simple. You can hand make everything or you can even buy table runners from Target or Ikea for a really nice price.   However you choose to do it you will instantly liven up your reception tables and your reception venue. They pull the room together, they add texture and variety to the table, and they are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors. They can also help when it comes to the centerpieces. They act as a backdrop or canvas that you can build on. This is especially true if you use flowers or garland as your runner. All you have to do is weave in a few votive candles and volia.   So if you are looking for a creative and cost effective way to amp up your reception then you should consider the trendy table runner.    ...

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Autumn Weddings

Posted by on Sep 21, 2015 in Blog

  The temperatures are still fluctuating and the leaves remain unchanged, but it is almost officially fall and in rare moments throughout the day it has started to feel like it. The evenings and the early mornings have cooled down. The air smells different and the late afternoon sun has taken on an orangey glow. These signs of course all point to scarves and sweaters and nutmeg, but they also point to weddings. Fall weddings continue to rise in popularity giving the summer months a good run for their money. The milder weather, especially in hotter climates, is certainly a bonus of fall weddings, but here are some other things to look forward to as wedding season, round two, gets underway.   The Color Palette This doesn’t mean that your bridesmaids have to walk down the aisle looking like fallen leaves, but fall does allow you the opportunity to embrace a richer color palette. Jewel tones. Mustard yellow. Cranberry. Evergreen. These are sumptuous colors that while they can be used in any season, feel particularly poignant in autumn. They add a certain warmth to the slight chill in the air.   Pumpkins For once, I am not talking about pumpkin flavored things. I’m talking about the actual pumpkin. You can carve them. You can paint them. They don’t even have to be orange. You can use them as centerpieces. You can get tiny ones and use them as your escort cards. You can use pumpkins subtly or overtly, but either way they fit.   The Outdoors Summer outdoor weddings are beautiful and perhaps more predictable in terms of the weather, but an outdoor wedding with the fall foliage as a backdrop is pretty hard to beat. Even if you opt for the indoor ceremony you will still have the opportunity to crunch through he new fallen leaves and snap pics in the brilliant colors.   Keeping Warm Depending on when in the fall your wedding is the odds are it won’t be freezing cold, but as long as you plan ahead you can end up having even more fun even it is. Imagine a cute basket full of vintage...

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Look Who’s Here

Posted by on Sep 17, 2015 in Blog

Ok world, we just got in a brand new Carolina Herrera stock gown, and I am so excited to show it off. Carolina’s gowns are gorgeous and this one is a perfect example of her signature style. It’s delicate and romantic, but it’s also daring. It’s fashion-forward, but rooted in the bridal tradition.     It is first and foremost a showstopper. It’s striking from a distance and captivating up-close. The floral and leaf pattern is embroidered onto the gown in a mix of rich colors that add depth and dimension like the layers of paint on a masterpiece. This striking pattern is subdued by the simplicity of the rest of the gown and the romance of the illusion neckline. The whole composition of the gown shows a profound understanding for balance. The pattern is anchored by the shoulder and the hem and offset by the paper-clean fabric opposite of it. The modified sweetheart neckline is just perfect because it shows a restraint that again balances out the gown. This is what it looks like to create gowns that are visions.   Of course as good as this gown looks in a photograph is nothing compared to seeing it in person. We just want to sit around and stare at, but most importantly we want brides to try it on and see what all the fuss is about.  ...

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How to fit the Bar in Your Budget

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015 in Blog

  Working in a bridal shop I find myself, as all of us do, called upon to give bridal advice from time to time. Can I do this? Should I do that? Am I allowed to wear the same color as so and so? During these occasions I find it best not to speak in absolutes because there really is no answer. I don’t like to say things like “never” or “shouldn’t” with one crucial exception. You should never have a cash bar at your wedding. Never. Ever. Never. Never. Never.   I get it. Alcohol is expensive and an open bar, especially if you have a lot of guests, can quickly cost you a small fortune. But there are plenty of alternatives to a cash bar. Cash bars are better kept for actual bars. For the wedding, the tab should be on you. So before you ask your future spouse “what if we just let people buy their own drinks?” check out these options below.   Beer and Wine Only You don’t have to have an open bar to have a bar. If you cut out hard liquor I promise the price will drop dramatically. You can also opt for less expensive beers and wine and only give your guests a few to choose from. This is totally acceptable, and many guests are accustomed to only wine and beer.   Work with Your Caterer Bargain. I’m not a great bargainer, but even I managed to finagle a cheaper price from my own caterer because I knew they would rather have my business than not. This will only get you so far, but every little bit helps. If your caterer is not responsible for the alcohol then you can save money buy purchasing in bulk, as in kegs, and then asking a local bartender, or even a friend of the family, to moonlight.   A Dry Wedding You don’t have to serve alcohol. Many couples have personal reasons for not serving alcohol, and that’s just fine. The real offense of the cash bar has nothing to do with how much your guests will or won’t be able to drink;...

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