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Spotlight on Thomas Knoell

Posted by on Jan 7, 2016 in Blog

Jewelry designer Thomas Knoell frequents our shop on a pretty regular basis to showcase his beautiful handmade designs, and next weekend (January 15th) is one of those occasions. He will be here in person with his latest jewelry designs, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you more about why you should stop in.   I’m not one to spend a lot of money on jewelry. In all honesty most of my collection comes from Target. On clearance. But your wedding say is different. What you wear should be special and meaningful. That doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money, but is does mean choosing pieces that are handcrafted and made just for you. That’s what Thomas Knoell offers. He offers jewelry that is customized to your taste, your theme and made for you and your big day.   We always have Thomas pieces in our store, but what’s nice about coming when Thomas is here is that he can help with custom changes and offer expert advice. Are you wearing your hair up or down? What does the neckline of your dress look like? Are you wearing a veil? Asking these questions will help him determine what pieces will work best for you. Necklaces don’t work with every gown and some gowns call for a big earring while others are better suited to a little stud. He’ll dish out his honest opinion backed up by years of experience, and he’ll make sure that you get exactly the look you want.   The customization possibilities are perhaps the biggest bonus of coming in to meet with Thomas. The options to make changes are always there, but meeting with the actual designer gives you a lot of power and freedom. You get to actually help design your jewelry. Think about that. When have you ever been able to do that? You might decide you want more pearls or less pearls. You might want to change the color of the crystal. You might want to add one more teardrop to your chandelier earrings. These are things that are possible and things that Thomas can help you do....

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Bridal Blog In Review

Posted by on Dec 30, 2015 in Blog

The last few lingering days of 2015 make for a perfect time to reflect on the year and all the things that took place during it. I’ve already recounted the best things in bridal, and now I turn my attention to this very blog. I think over the course of this year I have posted a few insightful or helpful bits of information and now I’d like to hit you with the highlights. So here they are, totally subjectively, the best of the bridal blog 2015.   From “Bridal Party Mixer” October 23, 2015 There is usually a desire for the bridesmaids to get acquainted with one another and for the groomsmen to do the same, but quite often no one thinks about the other side. I certainly didn’t, but in hindsight, it might have been nice if the men and women who had to walk down the aisle together had met before they had to walk down the aisle together.   Of course it could be that everyone is already super close. In which case, why wouldn’t you want to have a party together? It’s a win either way, and if you plan all the parties for the same weekend then you really aren’t asking anything extra of anyone. A little mixer will help everyone to feel more at ease and in the end it will make the wedding more fun.   From “How to Fit the Bar in Your Budget” September 10,2015 Working in a bridal shop I find myself, as all of us do, called upon to give bridal advice from time to time. Can I do this? Should I do that? Am I allowed to wear the same color as so and so? During these occasions I find it best not to speak in absolutes because there really is no answer. I don’t like to say things like “never” or “shouldn’t” with one crucial exception. You should never have a cash bar at your wedding. Never. Ever. Never. Never. Never.       From “Look Who’s Here” June 11, 2015 The latest craze in bridesmaids is definitely the sequined evening gown. It turns out beading,...

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For the December Engagements

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Blog

    For those of you getting engaged in December, and there are a lot of you, I thought it might be helpful to go over some of our timeline information for bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. It’s really important to keep timelines in mind when you are planning your wedding. You’ve probably never had to make so many decisions so far in advance of one particular day, so it’s good to know what you are up against.   In general, bridal gowns take anywhere from three to six months to arrive after they have been ordered. Sometimes they can come in much faster, but there is really no way to tell that in advance. This has to do with the way designers work and the particular schedules they use to manufacture each dress. It’s important to remember that unlike just about anything you have ever ordered, your bridal gown does not exist before you order it. It is not made specifically to your measurements like a custom gown, but it is still made for you. Because of the range that gowns can take to come in we usually recommend planning on the full six months just in case.   Does that mean you should wait until six months before the wedding to order your gown? Not if you can avoid it because you need to leave time to have the gown altered. We recommend starting your fittings six to eight weeks before your wedding, so if you’re keeping track, the cutoff to order your gown is eight months before your wedding. If you can make your decision sooner than that it can save you form stress in the end because having a little safety net of time is really nice.   Of course if you don’t have eight months to work with there’s no need to panic. There are always ways around these timelines and deadlines. If your wedding is close or if you are planning a short engagement then it can rally help to speak with a bridal consultant. She can point you towards certain gowns that may arrive faster or certain designer who ship faster. There...

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The Best Things in Bridal 2015

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Blog

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost over, but it’s even harder to believe all the things that have happened over the last twelve months. It’s also hard to remember everything that has happened, but I think I’ve hit the highlights in bridal.   Marquee Signage   The cutest way to show your love this year was through marquee initials. These lighted letters and hearts popped up at receptions and bridal showers everywhere. Initially brides were ordering custom made marquee letters off of vintage websites, but eventually the trend trickled down to places like Target and made it super easy for everyone to brighten their event.   The Gold Standard   Gold lettering was everywhere this year. From whimsical cocktail glasses to wedding invitations gold was the way to go, and I couldn’t be happier about it.   Highs and Lows   It might be too early to tell if reality TV star Whitney Porter’s high-lo wedding gown will have long-term effects on bridal gowns, but goodness it’s hard not to think it will.   The Sequin Gown   This gown started popping up in magazines at the beginning of the year and brides and bridesmaid started scouring the internet to find it. Designers followed suit and now sequins are perched to become even bigger in 2016.   And This Sequin Gown   This Adriana Papell dress may have been the most popular bridesmaid dress that wasn’t a bridesmaid dress. It also helped pave the way for wedding parties who matched in more figurative than literal terms. “Dress like you are going to a New Year’s Eve Ball.” Check.   Risque Business   From runways to receptions there were low backs, low fronts, thigh-high slits, sheer panels and a whole lot of double-sided tape. This was the year of the barley-there wedding gown.   Sleeves, Finally   Brides this year had the option of anything from a spaghetti strap to a wrist length sleeve and everything in-between. This year we finally said hello to sleeves for the first time in decades, but we also said goodbye to the notion that everyone should wear strapless. Options now abound for...

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2016 Pantone Wedding

Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 in Blog

Pantone has forecast two colors as the trendsetting it shades of 2016: rose quartz and serenity. These pale pastels present a sharp contrast to the bright, strong, jewel-tones of the past several years. They are soft and subtle and perfect for adding an accent color to any outfit or affair. If Pantone’s forecast is correct and if their color influence is strong, which it is, you’ll likely start to see these colors pop up in wedding photos more than you already do. Because of course, these colors are perfect for weddings. Blues and pinks are pretty standard wedding fare because they are easy to wear, easy to coordinate, and easy find. In fact, they are so easy to find that I’ve already coordinated the perfect 2016 Pantone wedding. The colors help give this imaginary wedding a light and airy, easy going charm that is appropriate and at home in any number of venues. I see outdoor Southern rustic charm here or a beachfront toes-in-the-sand sunset wedding. But don’t let these easy going tones fool you, they can easily captivate a regal ballroom with their soft, subtle nobility.    ...

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